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This table will help you find right digimon to attack specific digimon.
(This table lacks some digimon lines, I will update later.)

Name Drop
Attrib Elmt Atk AtkSpd Type Origin F1 Ele F1 Dam F2 Ele F2 Dam F3 Ele F3 Dam F4 Ele F4 Dam
Betamon Aqua 5 Vi Water 1 1Rookie Betamon Water Water
Seadramon  Aqua Da Ice 2 2Champion Betamon Ice Ice
MegaSeadramon  Da Water 2 3Ultimate Betamon Water Water
MetalSeadramon Da Water 490 2 4Mega Betamon Water Water
GigaSeadramon  Da Steel 437 2 6Burst Betamon Steel Steel
Apocalymon Un Black 1.99 6Burst Betamon Black 4826 Black 9628 Black 1068
Candlemon Fire 8 Da Fire 81.53 1 1Rookie Candlemon Fire 227 Fire 755
Wizardmon Devil Da Black 184 2 2Champion Candlemon Black Black
Mystimon Vi Fire 311 2.189 3Ultimate Candlemon Fire Fire
Dynasmon Da Fire 442 1.9 4Mega Candlemon Fire 2740 Fire 6058
CommanDramon Dragon 5 Vi Steel 1.7 1Rookie CommanDramon Steel 494 Steel 639
SealsDramon Vi Steel 2.2 2Champion CommanDramon Steel 493 Steel 1012
TankDramon Vi Steel 2 3Ultimate CommanDramon Steel 1009 Steel 2673
DarkDramon Vi Black 2.2 4Mega CommanDramon Black 1634 Black 4840
Dracomon(Blue) Dragon 5 Da Fire 1.2 1Rookie Dracomon(Blue) Fire 246 Fire 1036 Fire 891
Coredramon (Blue) Dragon Va Fire 2 2Champion Dracomon(Blue) Fire 465 Fire 2073 Fire 1745
Wingdramon Va Wind 2 3Ultimate Dracomon(Blue) Wind 778 Wind 1529 Wind 1772
Slayerdramon Va Wind 2.5 4Mega Dracomon(Blue) Wind 1426 Wind 3096 Wind 3559
Dracomon(Green) Dragon 5 Da Fire 1.2 1Rookie Dracomon(Green) Fire 447 Fire 1469 Fire 1424
Coredramon (Green) Dragon Vi Fire 2 2Champion Dracomon(Green) Fire 721 Fire 1530 Fire 1951
Groundramon Vi Land 1.7 3Ultimate Dracomon(Green) Land 1756 Land 4011 Land 3163
Brakedramon Vi Steel 2.2 4Mega Dracomon(Green) Steel Steel Steel 1866
DemiDevimon Devil 10 Vi Black 1.2 1Rookie DemiDevimon Devimon Black 483 Black 705
Devimon Devil Vi Black 2.4 2Champion DemiDevimon Devimon Black 832 Black 1373
Myotismon Vi Fire 2.5 3Ultimate DemiDevimon Devimon Fire 687 Fire 2206
VenomMyotismon Vi Fire 2.4 4Mega DemiDevimon Devimon Fire 2665 Fire 5343
MaloMyotismon Vi Black 2.4 6Burst DemiDevimon Devimon Black 4010 Black 9928
Dorumon Beast 10 Da Steel 1.823 1Rookie Dorumon Steel 519 Steel 692
Dorugamon Da Steel 2 2Champion Dorumon Steel 941 Steel 2019
DoruGreymon Da Steel 2.9 3Ultimate Dorumon Steel 1188 Steel 3536
Dorugoramon Da Steel 2 4Mega Dorumon Steel 2541 Steel 4381
Dorumon Dex Beast 10 Da Steel 1Rookie Dorumon Dex Steel 143 Steel 293
DexDorugamon Vi Black 2Champion Dorumon Dex Black 212 Black 692
DexDorugoramon Vi Black 3Ultimate Dorumon Dex Black 1219 Black 2482
DexDoruGreymon Vi Black 3Ultimate Dorumon Dex Black 577 Black 882
Dexmon Vi Black 6Burst Dorumon Dex Black 1780 Black 3147
Dorumon Raptor Beast 10 Da Steel 1Rookie Dorumon Raptor Steel 143 Steel 293
ReptileDramon Va Steel 2Champion Dorumon Raptor Steel 224 Steel 692
Grademon Va Steel 3Ultimate Dorumon Raptor Steel 391 Steel 884
Alphamon Va Light 2.4 4Mega Dorumon Raptor Light 3614 Light 7819
Alphamon Ouryuken Va Light 2.4 8Jogress Dorumon Raptor Light 4325 Light 12807
Veemon Dragon 10 Va Light 114.17 1.272 1Rookie ExVee Light Light
ExV-mon Va Light 250.17 2.2 2Champion ExVee Light Light
Paildramon  Da Light 284.25 2.2 3Ultimate ExVee Light Light 1133
Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode) Va Light 219 1.1 4Mega ExVee Light Light 1433
Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode) Va Light 557 2.555 5Side ExVee Light Light 2456
Imperialdramon (Paladin Mode) Va Light 692 2.49 6Burst ExVee Light Light 3865
Raidramon  Va Thunder 7Armor ExVee Thunder Thunder 1748
Yasyamon  Va Wood 7Armor ExVee Wood Wood 1634
Gabumon Beast 5 Da Ice 1Rookie Gabumon Ice 128 Ice 418
Garurumon Beast Va Ice 2Champion Gabumon Ice 244 Ice 720
WereGarurumon Beast Va Black 3Ultimate Gabumon Black 424 Black 935
MetalGarurumon Beast Da Ice 290.64 1.287 4Mega Gabumon Ice 1006 Ice 2049
ZeedGarurumon Da Ice 5Side Gabumon Ice 1050 Ice 2500
Guilmon Dragon 10 Vi Fire 1Rookie Guilmon Fire Fire
Growlmon Vi Fire 2Champion Guilmon Fire Fire
WarGrowlmon Vi Fire 3Ultimate Guilmon Fire Fire
Gallantmon Vi Light 393 2.372 4Mega Guilmon Light Light 1746
Gallantmon CrimsonMode Vi Light 6Burst Guilmon Light 1621 Light 3130
Hagurumon MechaNorimon Rock 5 Vi Steel 1Rookie Hagurumon MechaNorimon Steel Steel
MechaNorimon Vi Steel 2Champion Hagurumon MechaNorimon Steel Steel
Megadramon Vi Steel 3Ultimate Hagurumon MechaNorimon Steel Steel
Machinedramon Vi Steel 383 2.555 4Mega Hagurumon MechaNorimon Steel Steel
Chaosdramon Vi Steel 6Burst Hagurumon MechaNorimon Steel Steel
Apocalymon Un Black 6Burst Hagurumon MechaNorimon Black 2453 Black 8542 Black 865
Ryudamon Beast 8 Da Steel 1Rookie Ryudamon Steel Steel
GinRyuumon Va Steel 2Champion Ryudamon Steel Steel
HisyaRyuumon Va Steel 3Ultimate Ryudamon Steel Steel
OuRyuumon Va Steel 410 2.739 4Mega Ryudamon Steel Steel
Salamon Beast 8 Va Light 1Rookie Salamon Light Light
Gatomon Va Light 2Champion Salamon Light Light
Angewomon Va Light 3Ultimate Salamon Light Light 1053
MagnaDramon Va Light 4Mega Salamon Light Light 2054
Ophanimon Va Light 5Side Salamon Light Light 2330
Nefertimon Va Light 7Armor Salamon Light Light 1748
Goatmon Va Steel 7Armor Salamon Steel Steel 1827
Veemon Dragon 10 Va Light 1Rookie Veedra Light Light
Veedramon Dragon Va Wind 2Champion Veedra Wind Wind
AeroVeedramon  Va Wind 3Ultimate Veedra Wind Wind
UlforceVeedramon  Va Light 410 2.2 4Mega Veedra Light Light 1932
Flamedramon  Va Fire 7Armor Veedra Fire Fire
Gargoylemon  Vi Light 236 2.323 7Armor Veedra Light Light 1807
Magnamon  Va Steel 7Armor Veedra Steel Steel Steel
DemiMeramon Fire 1 No Black 1Rookie DemiMeramon Fire Fire
Meramon Da Fire 2Champion DemiMeramon Fire Fire 884
SkullMeramon Da Fire 3Ultimate DemiMeramon Fire Fire 1278
Boltmon Da Steel 4Mega DemiMeramon Steel Steel 2025
Agumon (Classic) Dragon 5 Va Fire 1Rookie Agumon (Classic) Fire Fire
Greymon Va Fire 2Champion Agumon (Classic) Fire Fire
MetalGreymon Va Fire 3Ultimate Agumon (Classic) Fire Fire
WarGreymon Va Fire 433 2.64 4Mega Agumon (Classic) Fire Fire
VictoryGreymon Va Fire 511 2.555 6Burst Agumon (Classic) Fire 1160 Fire 2892
Omegamon Va Light 8Jogress Agumon (Classic) Light Light
Armadillomon Beast 5 Va Land 1Rookie Armadillomon Land Land
Ankylomon Va Steel 2Champion Armadillomon Steel Steel
Shakkoumon Va Steel 3Ultimate Armadillomon Steel Steel
Vikemon Va Ice 393 2.555 4Mega Armadillomon Ice Ice
Bearmon Beast 5 Va Land 1Rookie Bearmon Land Land
Grizzlymon Va Land 2Champion Bearmon Land Land
GrapLeomon Va Steel 3Ultimate Bearmon Steel Steel
DinoTigermon Da Steel 4Mega Bearmon Steel 380 Steel 1627
BanchouLeomon Va Fire 6Burst Bearmon Fire 1025 Fire 1872 Fire 3060
Marsmon Va Fire 6Burst Bearmon Fire 2224 Fire 5717
Biyomon Bird 5 Va Fire 1Rookie Biyomon Fire Fire
Birdramon Va Fire 2Champion Biyomon Fire Fire
Garudamon Bird Va Fire 3Ultimate Biyomon Fire Fire
Phoenixmon Va Fire 165 1.1 4Mega Biyomon Fire Fire
Ornismon Vi Wind 437 2.189 6Burst Biyomon Wind Fire
Dokunemon Insect 5 Vi Land 1Rookie Dokunemon  Land Land
Dokugumon Vi Black 2Champion Dokunemon  Black Black
Archnemon Vi Black 3Ultimate Dokunemon  Black Black
Parasimon Vi Black 4Mega Dokunemon  Black Black
Deputymon Rock 2 Va Steel 2Champion Deputymon Steel Steel
SuperStarmon Rock Da Steel 3Ultimate Deputymon Steel Steel
Justimon Va Light 2.189 4Mega Deputymon Steel Steel
Fujinmon Va Wind 6Burst Deputymon Wind 1013 Wind 3049
Dobermon Beast 2 Vi Black 2Champion Dobermon Black Black
Cerberumon Beast Va Black 3Ultimate Dobermon Black Black
Anubismon Va Light 4Mega Dobermon Light Light 1954
Doggymon Beast 2 Da Black 2Champion Doggymon Black Black
Cerberumon Beast Va Black 3Ultimate Doggymon Black Black
Anubismon Va Light 4Mega Doggymon Light Light 1954
Goblimon Devil 3 Vi Black 1Rookie Goblimon  Black Black
Orgemon Devil Vi Black 2Champion Goblimon  Black Black
Etemon Vi Black 3Ultimate Goblimon  Black Black
MetalEtemon Rock Vi Steel 4Mega Goblimon  Steel Steel 960 Steel 1876 Steel 2252
KingEtemon Vi Black 6Burst Goblimon  Black 1167 Black 3316
Gotsumon Rock 2 Da Land 1Rookie Gotsumon Land Land
Icemon Rock Da Ice 2Champion Gotsumon Ice Ice
Meteormon Rock Da Land 3Ultimate Gotsumon Land Land
MetalEtemon Rock Vi Steel 4Mega Gotsumon Steel Steel 960 Steel 1876 Steel 2252
KingEtemon Vi Black 6Burst Gotsumon Black 1167 Black 3316
Gomamon Aqua 5 Va Water 1Rookie Gomamon(Vik) Water Water
Ikkakumon Aqua Va Water 2Champion Gomamon(Vik) Water Water
Zudomon Va Water 3Ultimate Gomamon(Vik) Water Water
Vikemon Aqua Va Ice 4Mega Gomamon(Vik) Ice Ice
Hawkmon Bird 5 Da Wind 1Rookie Hawkmon Wind Wind
Aquilamon Da Wind 2Champion Hawkmon Wind Wind
Silphymon Da Wind 3Ultimate Hawkmon Wind Wind
Phoenixmon Va Fire 4Mega Hawkmon Fire Fire
Valdurmon Va Light 6Burst Hawkmon Light Light
Halsemon(Love) Da Wind 7Armor Hawkmon Wind 551 Wind 1705
Toucanmon(Kindness) Da Wind 7Armor Hawkmon Wind 621 Wind 1548
Allomon(Courage) Da Fire 7Armor Hawkmon Fire 633 Fire 1684
Shurimon(Sincerity) Da Wind 7Armor Hawkmon Wind 669 Wind 1848
Flybeemon(Knowledge) Da Wind 7Armor Hawkmon Wind 741 Wind 1634
Kiwimon Beast 2 Da Wind 2Champion Kiwimon Wind Wind
Blossomon Da Wood 3Ultimate Kiwimon Wood Wood
Sinduramon Da Thunder 3Ultimate Kiwimon Thunder Thunder
Gryphonmon Da Wind 4Mega Kiwimon Wind Wind 1494
Lopmon Beast 5 Da Ice 1Rookie Lopmon Ice Ice
Wendigomon Vi Black 2Champion Lopmon Black Black
Antylamon Vi Black 3Ultimate Lopmon Black Black
Cherubimon Vi Black 4Mega Lopmon Black Black Black
Turuiemon Da Steel 2Champion Lopmon Steel Steel
Antylamon(Deva) Da Light 3Ultimate Lopmon Light Light 738
Cherubimon(White) Va Light 5Side Lopmon Light Light 2482
Patamon Beast 8 Va Wind 87.48 1.272 1Rookie Patamon Wind Wind
Angemon Va Light 227.48 2.555 2Champion Patamon Light Light Light
MagnaAngemon Va Light 215.48 1.455 3Ultimate Patamon Light 499 Light 1108
Seraphimon Va Light 567.48 2.7 4Mega Patamon Light 809 Light 2194
ShadowSeraphimon Vi Black 6Burst Patamon Black 1481 Black 3082
Pegasusmon(Hope) Va Light 7Armor Patamon Light Light 1490
Renamon Beast 10 Da Wind 1Rookie Renamon Wind Wind
Kyuubimon Da Fire 2Champion Renamon Fire Fire 497
Taomon Da Black 3Ultimate Renamon Wind Wind
Sakuyamon Da Black 4Mega Renamon Black Black
Kuzuhamon Da Black 6Burst Renamon Black Black
Starmon Rock 2 Da Steel 2Champion Starmon Steel Steel
SuperStarmon Rock Da Steel 3Ultimate Starmon Steel Steel
Justimon Va Light 4Mega Starmon Steel Steel
Fujinmon Va Wind 6Burst Starmon Wind 1013 Wind 3049
Wormmon Insect 5 Vi Black 1Rookie Wormmon Black Black
Stingmon Vi Black 2Champion Wormmon Black Black
JewelBeemon Va Light 3Ultimate Wormmon Light Light
GrandisKuwagamon Vi Steel 4Mega Wormmon Steel 782 Steel 1918
Agunimon Va Fire 9Hybrid Agunimon Fire 838 Fire 1902
Azulongmon (C) Dragon 13 Da Thunder 2Champion Azulongmon Thunder Thunder 767
Azulongmon (M) Da Thunder 4Mega Azulongmon Thunder Thunder 3381
Baihumon (C) Beast 13 Da Steel 2Champion Baihumon Steel Steel
Baihumon (M) Da Steel 4Mega Baihumon Steel Steel 1990
Ebonwumon (C) Aqua 13 Va Water 2Champion Ebonwumon Water Water
Ebonwumon (M) Va Water 4Mega Ebonwumon Water Water 3670
Zhuqiaomon (C) Bird 13 Vi Fire 2Champion Zhuqiaomon Fire Fire
Zhuqiaomon (M) Vi Fire 4Mega Zhuqiaomon Fire Fire 2787
Kamemon Aqua 5 Da Water 1Rookie Kamemon Water Water
Gwappamon Da Water 2Champion Kamemon Water Water
Shawujingmon Vi Water 3Ultimate Kamemon Water Water
JumboGamemon Da Water 4Mega Kamemon Water Water 1626
Kudamon Beast 8 Va Light 1Rookie Kudamon Light Light
Reppamon Va Light 2Champion Kudamon Light Light
Chirinmon Va Light 3Ultimate Kudamon Light Light
Kentaurosmon Va Light 4Mega Kudamon Steel Steel 2016
Psychemon Devil 10 Da Thunder 1Rookie Psychemon Thunder Thunder
Astamon Vi Black 2Champion Psychemon Black Black
Belphemon (Sleep Mode) Vi Black 4Mega Psychemon Black Black 2454
Belphemon (Rage Mode) Vi Black 6Burst Psychemon Black Black 4708
Syakomon Aqua 10 Vi Water 1Rookie Syakomon Water Water
Gesomon Vi Water 2Champion Syakomon Water Water
MarineDevimon Vi Water 3Ultimate Syakomon Water Water
Leviamon Vi Water 4Mega Syakomon Water Water 2496
PawnChessmon Black Rock 3 Vi Steel 1Rookie PawnChessmon Black Steel Steel
KnightChessmon Black Vi Steel 2Champion PawnChessmon Black Steel Steel
RookChessmon Vi Steel 3Ultimate PawnChessmon Black Steel Steel
QueenChessmon Vi Steel 4Mega PawnChessmon Black Steel Steel 1910
PawnChessmon White Rock 2 Vi Steel 1Rookie PawnChessmon White Steel Steel
KnightChessmon White Vi Steel 2Champion PawnChessmon White Steel Steel
BishopChessmon Vi Steel 3Ultimate PawnChessmon White Steel Steel
KingChessmon Vi Steel 4Mega PawnChessmon White Steel Steel 2194
DemiDevimon Devil 3 Vi Black 1Rookie DemiDevimon Bakemon Black Black
Bakemon Vi Black 2Champion DemiDevimon Bakemon Black Black
Pumpkinmon Da Black 3Ultimate DemiDevimon Bakemon Black Black
Boltmon Da Steel 4Mega DemiDevimon Bakemon Steel Steel
BlackGabumon Beast 10 Vi Ice 1Rookie BlackGabumon Ice Ice
BlackGarurumon Vi Ice 2Champion BlackGabumon Ice Ice
BlackWereGarurumon Vi Ice 3Ultimate BlackGabumon Black Black
BlackMetalGarurumon Vi Ice 4Mega BlackGabumon Ice Ice 2544
BlackAgumon Dragon 10 Vi Fire 1Rookie BlackAgumon Fire Fire
BlackGreymon Vi Fire 2Champion BlackAgumon Fire Fire
BlackMetalGreymon Vi Fire 3Ultimate BlackAgumon Fire Fire
BlackWarGreymon Vi Fire 4Mega BlackAgumon Fire Fire 2546
Kimeramon Da Fire 1Rookie Kimeramon Black Black
Impmon Devil 10 Vi Black 47 1.1 1Rookie Impmon Black Black
IceDevimon Vi Ice 74 1.1 2Champion Impmon Ice Ice
SkullSatamon Vi Black 112 1.1 3Ultimate Impmon Black Black
Beelzemon Vi Black 181 1.1 4Mega Impmon Black Black
Beelzemon Blast Mode Vi Black 237 1.1 6Burst Impmon Black Black
Kunemon Insect 1 Vi Thunder 47 1.1 1Rookie Kunemon Black Black
Flymon Vi Wind 69 1.1 2Champion Kunemon Black Black
Okuwamon Vi Black 2.739 3Ultimate Kunemon Black Black
GranKuwagamon Vi Black 355 2.372 4Mega Kunemon Black Black
FanBeemon Insect 8 Vi Black 1Rookie FanBeemon Black Black
Waspmon Vi Wind 2Champion FanBeemon Black Black
CannonBeemon Vi Wind 3Ultimate FanBeemon Black Black
TigerVespamon Vi Wind 355 2.372 4Mega FanBeemon Black Black
Tentomon Insect 5 Va Thunder 113 2.555 1Rookie Tentomon Thunder Thunder
Kabuterimon Va Thunder 1.88 2Champion Tentomon Thunder Thunder
MegaKabuterimon Va Thunder 3Ultimate Tentomon Thunder Thunder
HerculesKabuterimon Va Thunder 273 1.822 4Mega Tentomon Thunder Thunder
TyrantKabuterimon Vi Black 2.75 6Burst Tentomon Black Black
Elecmon Beast 5 Da Thunder 1Rookie Elecmon Thunder Thunder
Leomon Va Steel 2Champion Elecmon Steel Steel
Panjamon Va Ice 3Ultimate Elecmon Ice Ice
SaberLeomon Da Steel 355 2.189 4Mega Elecmon Steel 327 Steel 1894
BanchouLeomon Va Fire 364 1.822 6Burst Elecmon Fire 1025 Fire 1872 Fire 3060
Otamamon Aqua 10 Vi Water 60 1.99 1Rookie Otamamon Water Water
Gekomon Vi Water 2Champion Otamamon Water Water
ShogunGekomon Vi Water 216 2.323 3Ultimate Otamamon Water Water 2017
Pukumon Vi Water 495 2.157 4Mega Otamamon Water Water 2700
Gomamon Aqua 5 Va Water 1Rookie Gomamon(Jiji) Water Water
Mojamon Va Ice 2Champion Gomamon(Jiji) Ice Ice
Piximon Da Wood 3Ultimate Gomamon(Jiji) Wood Wood
Jijimon Va Land 428 1.823 4Mega Gomamon(Jiji) Wood Wood

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