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Patch 1.0.4 - 26th May 2023


Exclamation Mark.png Note: Event period is expected to last from Friday 26th May until Friday 23rd June.


Regular seal drop added for the following Digimon:
•    WereGarurumon (Black)
•    BlackGatomon
•    Mikemon
•    Syakomon
•    Knightmon (odaiba)
•    Giromon (odaiba)
•    Warumonzaemon (odaiba)
(See more info in Seal Master Page)

Kudamon needs help at the Dats Center!
Help them out and they will give you rewards which you can use to exchange with them as well as being given the opportunity to collect event seals!

Event Seals obtainable via Event Quests and Overgrown raid:
•    Agumon (S)
•    GeoGreymon
•    RizeGreymon
•    ShineGreymon
•    ShineGreymon BM
•    Lalamon
•    Sunflowmon
•    Lilamon
•    Rosemon
•    Rosemon BM
(See more info in Seal Master Page)

Event Seal Exchange is possible at Kudamon NPC in DATS.

'Highest' Skill memory capsules are temporarily available during the event period and can be obtained via Kudamon item exchange/cash shop.
(See more info in Memory Skills Page)

[Limited] Seal Master Package [Seal Exchange]
[Limited] Seal Expert Package [Seal Exchange]

Have also been added to the Cash Shop temporarily.

Event Shop

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Crafting NPCs can be find in Dats Center in front of Colosseum NPCs

Kudamon Event Shop Exchange (click here and you won't regret)

Kudamon Event Shop Exchange:

Consumable Exchange:


Hatch & Reinforcement Exchange:

KudaHatch & Reinforcement.png

Burst Mode Items Exchange:

KudaBurst Mode Items.png

KudaBurst Mode Items2.png

KudaBurst Mode Items3.png

Memory Skills Exchange:

KudaMemory Skills.png

Tamer Exchange Item Exchange:

KudaTamer Exchange.png

Seal Event Exchange

Seal Event Exchange.png

Seal Event Exchange2.png

Patch Fixes

26th May 2023
• Quest drop item rate increase.
• Dexdorugreymon Seal changed to DexDorugoramon Seal

Please be aware of these changes if you decide to exchange beforehand.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.