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Patch - 12th November 2022

Lilithmon X has been released!

Lilithmon X can be obtained by purchasing Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [Lilithmon X] from the Cash Shop.
Players should note that this item has a different structure to similar items from previous events.
By opening the Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [Lilithmon X], players will obtain a Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Lilithmon X] and a Blessings of Grace [Lilithmon X].
Both of these items will be bound to the Tamer, and cannot be traded.
Only the Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [Lilithmon X], and items obtained from opening the Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Lilithmon X] will be tradable.
Blessings of Grace [Lilithmon X] which can be exchanged at Digitamamon in DATS Center.

The Medieval Castle has emerged again!

- A Event Dungeon has Arrived at D-Terminal, "Medieval Castle". This Dungeon can be accessed thru ShadowMedievalDukemon NPC.
- This is not an Easy Dungeon, so make sure you gather up a strong group of Tamers to take on this Dungeon!
- The Dungeon has a 30 Minute Time Limit and is Consisted of 4 Waves.
- The map is similar to Shadow Labyrinth.
- On the 4th Room, once all 4 waves are cleared, a Random MedievalDukemon Raid will Spawn, take him out for great rewards and a chance on obtaining his Box which may contain MedievalDukemon, ChaosMedievalDukemon & ShadowMedievalDukemon X-Factors! 
- Upon the Defeat of the MedievalDukemon Raid, there is a 50/50 chance an Extra Raid will spawn which means more Rewards and in addition to that a small Chance to get a Random SS+. 
- Entering this Dungeon will require 1 Entry.

In order to Enter the Medieval Castle.

- ShadowMedievalDukemon requires to Test your Skills in order to Enter the Medieval Castle.
- ShadowMedievalDukemon will have a Daily Quest which requires you to take Down Examon and Dynasmon World Bosses that will spawn every 2 Hours upon their Defeat. 
- Examon will be Located in Overgrown Raid Area, take him out and Dynasmon will come right after him! 
- Upon proving your worth, you will be granted 2 Entry Tickets to the Medieval Castle.

General changes

New camera levels have been added;

Cash Shop

The following items have been added permanently to the Cash Shop:

Embrace of Lust

The following items will be available in the Cash Shop until 16th December 2022:
Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [Lilithmon]
Lilithmon Transcendence Package
Lilithmon Holy Descent Package
MedievalGallantmon Package [Regular]
MedievalGallantmon Package [Advanced]
ChaosMedievalGallantmon Package [Regular]
ChaosMedievalGallantmon Package [Advanced]
Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [ShadowMedievalGallantmon]
You can view the contents of these items in-game.


IcyMagnamon Factor have been added on Blessing exchange of Lilith X along usual items, you can check the required materials in-game.

Patch - 25th November 2022

Awakening of the Purperous Silver Corvus!
- After Agumon, Lalamon & Gaomon gone Ruin and Mutant. A new fellow is Ready to Join in! Falcomon!
- Much like previous savers' digimons, Falcomon will have a Ruin and Mutant Black Version.
- Ravemon: Mutant will be the SSS Evolution after Ravemon.
- Ravemon : Ruin Mode will be the SS+ Evolution after Ravemon : Burts Mode.
- Similar to previous events, in order to get these Evolution you must collect their Summon Cards but this time, it drops in Oil Refinery maps by any Mob.
- The difficulty will be the same as past similar events in order to defeat them, these summons are usable in D-Terminal Summon Square.
- Upon defeating the Summon you may get Dark Energy Box - Corvus Mutant. In here you can get various rewards including Ruin and Mutant evolution of Falcomon.
- Falcomon has been added into the Cash Shop for Purchase in case you did not start with him.
ZekeGreymon, Greymon(C) & MailBirdramon have been released!
Greymon(C) & MailBirdramon can be via cashshop & Raid Token Event exchange.
ZekeGreymon can be obtained by quests after unlocking MetalGreymon(C) Jogress.
ZekeGreymon will have 1.5x boost will 26th December.


Added 30s invencibility buff to Examon & Dynasmon.
Changed Dynasmon to appear after Examon have been defeated.
ZekeGreymon (Xros Blue fare) will appear as a raid in the Overgrown Raid Area after Dynasmon is defeated.
Lilithmon X (Goddess of Darkness) will appear as a raid in the Overgrown Raid after ZekeGreymon is defeated.
Both ZekeGreymon & Lilithmon X raids will drop raid tokens.

Cash Shop

The following items have been added permanently to the Cash Shop:
Mailbirdramon DigiEgg
Greymon(C) DigiEgg

The following items will be available in the Cash Shop until 16th December 2022:
DigiEgg Falcomon[Savers]

Event Exchange

2022 November Event Exchange
Event Box Tier 1 - 2 Raid Tokens
Event Box Tier 2 - 6 Raid Tokens
Event Box Tier 3 - 10 Raid Tokens
Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg-Salamon[Lilithmon] - 20 Raid Tokens
Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg-MailBirdramon - 20 Raid Tokens
Reinforced Mercenary DigiEgg-Greymon(C) - 20 Raid Tokens
Random Buff Box[50%] - 2 Raid Tokens
Random Buff Box(+50%) [Event] - 12 Raid Tokens
ExpBooster+300% [1D] - 4 Raid Tokens
Event Boxes Content

Tier 1:
Seal Opener
Special Chicken Combo
Sweet Potato x10
Hatch Backup Lv. 4
Inventory Expansion
Warehouse Expansion
Archive Expansion
Backup Disk x5 [CB]
Digimon Boost Package [NEW] - Buff package

Tier 2:
Tamer Skill Box (1 Day)
Reinforced Digiclone Cube
Rechargeable Energy [Event]
Golden Digiaura (1Day)
Newbie's Yellow Soccer Uniform(1Day)
Skill Memory Cube [Attack]
Skill Memory Cube [Defense]
Skill Memory Cube [Support]

Tier 3:
Reinforced Digiclone Box
Random Mid Class T. ConvertChip Box
Hatch Backup Lv. 5
Mega Reinforced Digiclone Cube
High Skill Memory Capsule [Attack]
High Skill Memory Capsule [Defense]
High Skill Memory Capsule [Support]

Patch - 26th November 2022

Changes & Fixes

Rebalanced Ravemon Mutant & Ruin Mode
Fixed CashShop icons
Fixed Ravemon Item descriptions
Fixed Starmons' NPC from ZekeGreymon Quest
Fixed ZekeGreymon & MetalGreymon(C) attribute (Virus)
ZekeGreymon & Lilithmon X Raids spawning invisible still not fixed, please move a great distance after they spawn and go back to hit them.

Patch - 29th November 2022

Starter Transcendence
Starter Transcendence have been released!
To transcend a starter digimon, you will need a specific Transcendence ConvertChip to the partner.
Since starters start at hatch level 3, you need to transcend 3 times!
Level 3 -> Level 4 -> Level 5 -> Level 6.
A new fruit have been added:
Fruit of Homeostasis[Savers]
You may use this fruit after transcending to 6/6.
A new quest have been added at Jijimon on DMW's Village to get 15 fruits daily.
The Plants to be defeated from this quest are located at Beginner Village.
Starter Quiz & Starter Transcendence Exchange
A quiz system have been added in order to get Summon cards.
Each correct answer will give you a summon card.
You can use these cards to summon monsters at Summon Square, they will drop Starter TranscendenceChip Fragment.
Cards are sent to Gift Warehouse.
You may exchange those fragments at DATS for the following items:
  Low Class Transcendence ConvertChip - 4 Fragments
  Mid Class Transcendence ConvertChip - 8 Fragments
You can start the quiz by send .sq in chat.

Changes (01.12.22)

Quiz will now show the correct answer's count.
Quiz Answer time have been increase to 13s.
Lilithmon X have been rebalanced:
   AT & CT haven been increased
   F2 CD have been changed from 10s to 9s
   F3 DS use have been reduced by 2000
   F3 CD have been changed from 110s to 55s
Transcendence Starter Summon cards map have been changed to "Monster Card Dungeon"
"Monster Card Dungeon" have been added to Shadow MedievalDukemon NPC at D-Terminal.