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Patch - 9th September 2022


Colosseum Hero Mode (Part 1)

You can attempt Hero Mode by talking to Mary <Arena Hero Mode>.For Part 1, Round 1 - 10 are available for you to challenge.
If players manage to complete all 10 rounds, they will be awarded with 1100 Battle Points.
Also, players will not lose points for losing any rounds in Hero Mode.

OmegaShoutmon has been released!

OmegaShoutmon has been upgraded from SS -> SS+
OmegaShoutmon can be obtained by purchasing Legendary Digivolution - Ω from the Cash Shop.
There are also Regular and Advanced Packages available to purchase.There is also a chance to obtain Legendary Digivolution - Ω from OmegaShoutmon Raid.
OmegaShoutmon will have a 25% Stat boost until 07/10/2022.

Events Kaiser's Laboratory [Armor] Dungeon is back!

Players will receive 3x Passes daily from Login Rewards.This dungeon will include battles with BanchouLeomon, Darkdramon, Kimeramon and finally Chaosmon.
The Map is in effect of the Dark Tower Zone, digimons aside from Armor Digimon will not be usable inside (Magnamon X is available to be used, however they have a small debuff applied)
A Special Laboratory's MS Attribute which can go up to 12% Movement Speed is available to drop.
Chaosmon has a chance to drop both Evolution Unlock Items related to Chaosmon, as well as a small chance to drop the Magnamon X Factor.Players can also get the Kimeramon's Power Title.

Lava Lair Dungeon is back!

You can get 2x Lava Lair passes daily by talking to Agumon in D-Terminal.Examon can be obtained by defeating this dungeon.

OmegaShoutmon Raid is available to battle in the Overgrown Raid Area.

Players who defeat this raid will be rewarded with Essence of Omega inForce.
This can be exchanged for various Xros DigiEggs at Digitamamon (Seasonal Digimon Exchange) in DATS Center
Also, there is a chance that players will receive Legendary Digivolution - Ω, which can be used to unlock the OmegaShoutmon evolution.This raid will spawn every 2 hours.

Login Rewards

Login Reward Period: 09/09/2022 - 06/10/22Obtain 3x Kaiser's Laboratory Warp [Event Dungeon] Daily


Milestones have been added to celebrate the release of Colosseum Hero Mode
100x Colosseum Hero Round 5 - 100x Burning Red Light of Life, 100x Reflecting Blue Light of DigiSoul, 10x Yardie's Fried Chicken
250x Colosseum Hero Round 5 - 15x Rare Coin [Event], 15x Fruit of Yggdrasil [Event], 15x Backup Disk
500x Colosseum Hero Round 5 - 30x Seal Opener, 30x Option Change Stone, 30x Number Change Stone100x Colosseum Hero Round 10 - 20x Fruit of Homeostasis, 10x High Skill Memory Capsule [Attack], [Defense], [Support]
250x Colosseum Hero Round 10 - 5x Hatch Backup Lv.5, 10x Hatch Backup Lv.4
500x Colosseum Hero Round 10 - 3x Raremon DigiEgg Lv.4-5 [Event], 1x Jogress Random Reinforced DigiEgg Lv.5, 3x Mega Reinforced Digiclone Set

Cash Shop

The following items have been added permanently to the Cash Shop:Legendary Digivolution - Ω
The following items will be available in the Cash Shop until 7th October 2022:[Limited] OmegaShoutmon Package[Regular]
[Limited] OmegaShoutmon Package[Advanced]Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Megidramon X]You can view the contents of these items in-game.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where you could not proceed to the next arena round if you did not defeat a summoned mob before it despawned.
Fixed an issue where items used to decrease a enemy digimons HP would not work.
Fixed an issue that was causing the server to lag.
- Security improvement
- Server/Channel stabilization
- Game DB organization/backup
- Staff Room Cleanup (very dirty)