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Exclamation Mark.png Note: SSS and SSS+ pages had been updated in terms of stats, skill damage and skill cooldowns. They still might be not finished completly so wait for more updates.
Here is page that shows how SS+/SSS/SSS+ stats has been changed after transfer Rebalance Changes.



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By Level

  • In-Training.png
  • Rookie.png
  • Rookie X.png
  • Champion.png
  • Champion X.png
  • H-Hybrid.png
  • Ultimate.png
  • Ultimate X.png
  • Armor.png
  • B-Hybrid.png
  • Mega.png
  • Mega X.png
  • SideMega.png
  • Z-Hybrid.png
  • Burst.png
  • Burst Mode X.png
  • Jogress.png
  • Jogress X.png
  • O-Hybrid.png
  • Hybridlevel.png
  • Variantlevel.png

By Attribute

By Element

By Family

By Attacker Type

  • Quick Attacker
  • Short Attacker
  • Near Attacker
  • Defender

By Rank:

  • A.png
  • A+.png
  • S.png
  • S+.png
  • SS.png
  • SS+.png
  • SSS.png
  • SSS+.png

By PlayStyle

  • Auto Attack
  • Skill Based

Extra Information

New Digimon
SlashAngemon Icon.png SlashAngemon Minervamon X Icon.png Minervamon X
Gaioumon Icon.png Gaioumon Omegamon X Icon.png Omegamon X
Susanoomon (Shin) Icon.png Susanoomon (Shin) Cosmic Susanoomon Icon.png Cosmic Susanoomon


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