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Exclamation Mark.png Note: SSS and SSS+ pages had been updated in terms of stats, skill damage and skill cooldowns. They still might be not finished completly so wait for more updates.
Here is page that shows how SS+/SSS/SSS+ stats has been changed after transfer Rebalance Changes.

Exclamation Mark.png Note: The Wiki will be not edited for an unestimated time, due a migration of it to new page to improve user experience and editors possibilites.



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By Level

  • Rookie.png Rookie X.png
  • Champion.png Champion X.png
  • Ultimate.png Ultimate X.png
  • Mega.png Mega X.png
  • Burst.png Burst Mode X.png
  • Jogress.png Jogress X.png
  • Armor.png Variantlevel.png
  • H-Hybrid.png B-Hybrid.png
  • O-Hybrid.png

By Attribute

By Family

By Rank:

  • A.png
  • A+.png
  • S.png
  • S+.png
  • SS.png
  • SS+.png
  • SSS.png
  • SSS+.png

By PlayStyle

  • Auto Attack
  • Skill Based
  • Tanks

Extra Information

New Digimon
Gankoomon X Icon.png Gankoomon X Shoutmon DX Icon.png Shoutmon DX
Demon X Icon.png Demon X SlashAngemon Icon.png SlashAngemon
Minervamon X Icon.png Minervamon X Gaioumon Icon.png Gaioumon


Starter Digimon

Agumon2006 vpet vb.png 8594.png Geogreymon vpet vb.png 8594.png Rizegreymon V.png 8594.png Shinegreymon V.png 8594.png Shinegreymon BM V.pngShinegreymon Mutant v.pngShinegreymon RM V.png

Lalamon VB.png 8594.png Sunflowmon VB.png 8594.png Lilamon VB.png 8594.png Rosemon VB.png 8594.png Rosemon BM VB.png

Gaomon VB.png 8594.png Gaogamon VB.png 8594.png Machgaogamon VB.png 8594.png Miragegaogamon VB.png 8594.png Miragegaogamon BM VB.pngMiragegaogamon Mutant VB.pngMiragegaogamon RM VB.png

Falcomon VB.png 8594.png Peckmon VB.png 8594.png Yatagaramon VB.png 8594.png Ravmon VB.png 8594.png Ravmon BM VB.png

Latest Patches
Extra Information