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Evoluter.png Evoluter

KindDigivolution [Unlock]
Force Expand Digimon's Evolution Slot

Also a Cash Shop item.
10 Each.png - 40 C

Select the Digimon whose evolution slot(s) you want to expand / open and right click the Evoluters in your inventory. When the evolution window opens, select the evolution slot(s) you wish to open / expand.



- Evolution slots cannot be expanded / open before the previous evolution slots have been unlocked. (E.g. You cannot unlock MetalGarurumon before unlocking WereGarurumon)
- Evolution is only possible when you reach the required level, even if you have unlocked the evolution slots. (E.g. Ultimate - Lv25 / Mega - Lv41 )
- Evoluters obtained from Monster Cards and Events are Character Bound.