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Hatching Biyomon Egg.png

Hatching is a process that many of us know in Digimon Masters Online. It can be very frustrating at times, but that makes it so much more satisfying when you finally hatch one!

Things you need

  • Lots of patience with a lot of luck
  • A Mercenary DigiEgg (the ones with a glowing blue aura)
  • Data chips obtained from a specific egg (check the Digimon page for the data and amount you need)

Step 1

If you want a Biyomon, for example, you'll need to fight either:

  • Biyomon
  • Birdramon
  • Garudamon
  • Phoenixmon

There's a small chance these Digimon will drop a Biyomon Mercenary DigiEgg. It's impossible to miss, it'll be an enormous red/orange/yellow glow over a DigiEgg on the ground. Grab it, and you're well on your way to having your very own Biyomon! If it takes you too long, you can always buy one from other Tamers. The price usually varies between 25 Mega and 40 Mega, depending on the species. For more common eggs such as Elecmon and Gabumon, which can be relatively easy to obtain from drops you get from MCs, the price will usually be fairly low, in the neighborhood of 10-15 Mega. A Gazimon or Tanemon egg will usually be more than 30 Mega, because these are much more difficult to obtain than most eggs.

Step 2

Hatching Biyomon Data.png

Once you've gotten yourself a DigiEgg, it's time to move on to step 2! In order to hatch a Mercenary DigiEgg, you'll need Data. Because we're hatching a Biyomon in this guide, we're going to need Bird Low Class Data. Biyomon needs 5 Bird Data to go up one phase. For Digimon to hatch, they need at least three phases of inserting Data. If it says Req. Quantity: 5, it means you will need 5 Data for each phase. Note that a phase can fail. If you fail a phase, there's a chance your DigiEgg will be destroyed, along with any Data already used.

Data can be found from wild Digimon. We're going for a Biyomon, so we'll need to hunt Bird Digimon for the Data. Wild Digimon drop Scannable DigiEggs. These come in a variety of forms. You will want to get the green ones. If you scan these Eggs through a DATS Member (PawnChessmon (Black) or Miki Kurosaki), you'll most certainly get Bird Data. Again, if you do not wish to hunt and wait, you can buy them from other Tamers. Price lies between 1 Mega and 3 Mega, usually.

Step 3

Incubator Window.png

Now, you've got the Mercenary DigiEgg, you've got the Data you need (make sure you have enough because failing phases is really, really common), it's time to hatch! To do this, you'll want to find an Incubator. Incubators can be found all over both the Real World. Most common practice is using the one in DATS Center, since that's quite center-like for everyone. Other locations are Yokohoma Village,Oil Refinery-2, Oil Refinery-3, Snowstorm Village and Village of Beginnings.

Find one to your liking, stuff your pockets and mind full of luck and lucky charms, and let's have a go at it! Double-click the Incubator, and hit "Create Mercenary". You'll be presented with a new screen.


Hit "Register" in the new window, or right-click the Mercenary DigiEgg you want to hatch in your inventory, and see it enter the window. Register will now have changed to "Data Input". Now's the time to get out of your chair, do as much good luck dances as you can, pray, pet your cat, swallow good luck charms (actually -- don't. Please!) and stretch your fingers! Hit "Data Input", and see the arrow spin around. If it hits blue on the left side -- congratulations! You just completed one phase! At least two more! If, however, you hit the red on the right side, no biggie, you just lost 5 Data, but your DigiEgg is still a-okay!

If you hit neither blue nor red, and the arrow ended up in the middle pointing upwards, I'm very sorry, but your DigiEgg was destroyed :(. Life is unfair, as proven again. Go to jail, do not pass start! Start again! :(

For the lucky ones: now, you can keep on going! You need at least three phases for the Digimon to hatch, but going for the 4th or even the 5th phase, will make your Digimon literally bigger. It will also be stronger and will have more HP. It all depends on how lucky you're feeling. If you're happy with your 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5, hit "Hatch", and watch the machine do its work and give you your brand new shiny fresh-out-of-its-egg Biyomon! You'll be best buddies from now on, take good care of it!

Hatching a 3/5 egg isn't worth it since they are pretty weak. It is especially not recommended to unlock Burst Mode items for a 3/5 Digimon, However you can alter its size with fruits so that it can become stronger. The most suitable and affordable to obtain is a 4/5 Digimon, that can be later fruited to a size of 120%+.

Note: only Digimon Hit Points (HP), DigiSoul (DS), Attack Points (AP), Critical Rate (CT) and Defense (DF) are under size influence.