Debuff System

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Debuff System

Debuff is the exact opposite of Buff. While Buff is a beneficial effect applied to you digimon or tamer, Debuff is a harmful effect that is applied to your digimon or tamer. Currently, the debuffs are not very common in-game, as they are being added with the New Holy Beasts' Dungeons. Some Debuffs were in-game already, but in a low number.

The list of current debuffs in-game is down below:

Dark Tower Debuff.png Dark Tower Debuff

1st degree burn.png 1st-Degree Burn Debuff

2nd degree burn.png 2nd-Degree Burn Debuff

3rd degree burn.png 3rd-Degree Burn Debuff

4th degree burn.png 4th-Degree Burn Debuff

Silence.png Silence Debuff

Return Debuff.png Return Debuff

Degeneration Debuff.png Degeneration Debuff

Metallic Poison Lv.1.png Metallic Poison Lv.1

Metallic Poison Lv.2.png Metallic Poison Lv.2

Metallic Poison Lv.3.png Metallic Poison Lv.3

Metallic Poison Lv.4.png Metallic Poison Lv.4

Slow.png Slow Debuff

Burn.png Burn

Return Debuff.png Silence + Slow

MegaSeadramon's Aura.png MegaSeadramon's Aura

MarinDevimon's Aura.png MarinDevimon's Aura

Vikaralamon's Aura.png Vikaralamon's Aura

Gulfmon Debuff Icon.png Gulfmon's Aura

Ornismon Debuff Icon.png Ornismon's Aura

Phoenixmon Debuff Icon.png Phoenixmon's Aura

Gryphonmon Debuff Icon.png Gryphonmon's Aura

SaberLeomon Debuff Icon.png SaberLeomon's Aura

Sinduramon Debuff Icon.png Sinduramon's Aura

Antylamon Debuff Icon.png Antylamon's Aura

Mihiramon Debuff Icon.png Mihiramon's Aura

Majiramon Debuff Icon.png Majiramon's Aura

X-Program Debuff.png X-Program

Silence.png Weaken

Disruption.png Disruption

Constant HP Loss.png Constant HP Loss

Cursed.png Cursed

Degeneration Debuff.png Slow

Freezing.png Freezing

X-Program Debuff.png Life Absorption

Tidal Wave of Darkness.png Tidal Wave of Darkness

Reflection.png Bleeding Lv.1

Reflection.png Bleeding Lv.2

Reflection.png Bleeding Lv.3

Reflection.png Bleeding Lv.4

Silence.png Silence

Lapidification.png Petrify Lv.1

Lapidification.png Petrify Lv.2

Lapidification.png Petrify Lv.3

Lapidification.png Petrify Lv.4

Nightmare Lv.3.png Nightmare Lv.1

Nightmare Lv.3.png Nightmare Lv.2

Nightmare Lv.3.png Nightmare Lv.3

Nightmare Lv.3.png Nightmare Lv.4

Stop.png Rage of Earth

Deadly Poison.png Deadly Poison

Freezing.png Freeze

Frostbite Lv.1.png Frostbite Lv.1

Frostbite Lv.1.png Frostbite Lv.2

Frostbite Lv.1.png Frostbite Lv.3

Frostbite Lv.1.png Frostbite Lv.4

Nightmare Lv.3.png Purgatory

Nightmare Lv.3.png Water Pressure Lv.1

Reflection.png Weak Point Lv.1

Degeneration Debuff.png Mild Stun

ReflectionVajra.png Reflection

Fatigued.png Wave of Darkness

Silence.png Contaminated Dust

Reflection.png Armor Piercing

Protection Field.png Protection Field

Protection Field.png Vaccine Protection

1st degree burn.png Royal Absolution

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