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Battle Gameplay

  • New Skill Damage Formula - Skills are now useful!
  • Advance Skill-Breaking (ASB) Removed
  • Attack stat from accessories now scales off Attack Speed. (Basically, the lower your AS is, the less AT)


  • Hatch Rates buffed for certain Digieggs
  • Minor buffs to drop rates of certain Digieggs
  • All mobs that drop Mercenary Eggs now have a chance to drop Lv.4 Reinforced Eggs
  • Data Egg Scans can drop up to 3 Data per Egg (Match Dragon Data Egg)
  • Seal Drop Rates and Quantities increased
  • New custom items including Accessories
  • Boosted Quest EXP Rates
  • New end of Questline Rewards
  • Movespeed its increase, for Ride too
  • All Mobs (except certain Raids) in Verdandi can drop X-Tickets
  • Daily Quests in Verdandi that that gives X-Tickets
  • Daily Quests that gives you Boko Book Pages
  • Auto-loot in summon square for Membership and free every Saturday and Sunday for everyone
  • Hard Mode Reward Boxes of EDG/ZDG/BDG/QDG have been adjusted. The Crystals arent dropping from the Box anymore, the last Boss of the Dungeon have a chance to drop their respective Crystal.
  • Fanglongmon Dungeon has been reworked to match difficulty of the game.
  • Accessories for Fanglongmon Dungeon have been reworked
  • Royal Base Normal Mode have been adjusted

Digimon and Classifications

  • Digimons Rebalanced (Adjusted Ranks + Stats)
  • All Burst Modes (besides a few exceptions) are S+, no matter what.
  • All new classification: Hybrid (for digimon that can't use Burst Mode or lower related buffs / equipment, but are generally stronger without it.)
  • All new set of evolutions: Black Gear Evolution
  • The Digimon Meta*game is not the same as it was in DMO.
  • Recolours of already existing Digimon
  • Custom Digimon
  • You can increase the Size of your Starter Digimon.
  • You can use the Transcendence System on your Starter Digimon (Event Limited + only Falcomon atm)


  • Custom Events, Raids, Dungeons + Quests
  • Increased spawns for certain mobs in certain maps
  • Drop Rate of Yin & Yang pieces in Verdandi has been massively improved.
  • New Starting Map + Tutorial Quests
  • Chance for Random BM Box to drop from mobs on Server Continent Maps
  • Chance for Tamer Exchanges to drop from mobs on Verdandi/Odaiba
  • 12*Player Guild Dungeons (IMD2.0) are now a thing.
  • 8*Player Guild Dungeons (Green Zone Nightsky) are now a thing.
  • Custom Endgame Dungeons

Cash Shop

  • Some digimon that originally had very bad obtainment methods, such as being in a 1% lootbox or cash stacking event, now have fixed rates and a pity system to get them eventually.
  • Some are just on the cash shop to buy, like Ophanimon Falldown Mode, Sleipmon X, Beelzemon X, Plesiomon/Aegismon.

Quality of Life

  • New Maze navigation NPCs.
  • Boosted Maze Quest Item rates.
  • No loading screens when moving within maps
  • Quest Items auto*pickup.
  • Use up to 10 Monster Cards at once. Be wary of it and split stack if you just want to summon only 1.


  • New Models for certain digimons
  • Custom Music for certain maps
  • FPS boost increase
  • Faster Loading


  • DMW Village is a revamped version of the Old Yokohama Map and will be used as the new starting point for new Tamers. The Map is currently accessible through the Cellphone NPC at entrance to DATS Center.
  • New Starter Map (City of Beginnings) have been added to help new players who are just starting the game. The Map is accessible through the Portal behind Birdramon in DMW Village.

Master Membership

  • Master Membership is also available and will work the same way as it does in GDMO.

Auto-loot Add-ons

  • MagnetFox.png MagnetFire.png Magnetic ID [Cash Shop Item]
    • Auto Loot Filter which you can turn on/off
    • Auto Loot is working in a Party (Bits getting splitted between all Party Members)
    • Monster Cards/Spirit Cards/X-Tickets/X-Antibody (Gauge)/Attri/Chipsets/Accelerators/Memory Chips/Components are excluded from the Auto Loot System.
  • Bit Magnet.png Bit Magnet

Add-on item to auto-loot bits.

  • Seal Aggregator.png Seal Aggregator

Add-on item to auto-loot Seals.