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(デュークモン Dukemon)
Rank: S
Form: Mega
Attribute: Virus.png
Elemental Attribute: Light: is strong against Pitch Black (× 25) - weak against Steel (× -25) - somewhat strong against Light (× 10) Light
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Holy Knight Digimon
Family: Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Digivolved from: WarGrowlmon
Digivolves to: Gallantmon (Crimson Mode)
Unlocked with: Evoluter Evoluter × 8
Can be ridden Yes (Grani.png × 1)
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Gallantmon is an Exalted Knight Digimon whose Japanese name is derived from "Duke", and whose English name is derived from "Gallant". One of the "Royal Knights", it is a being containing contradictions, as it is of the Virus attribute while also being called a guardian deity of the Net. If its stability collapses, even due to a freak chance, it is possible for it to become a dangerous existence. It pilots the Flying Dragon machine "Grani", as a dragon knight that races across the skies. It is clad in holy armor refined and constructed from 99.9% pure Chrome Digizoid, and its right hand can become the holy lance "Gram" while its left hand can become the holy shield "Aegis". It honors chivalry, and is a loyal vassal towards its lord. Its cuirass and poleyns are adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard, its forehead and Aegis bear the Zero Unit, and the DigiCode on its Aegis reads (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā?, lit. "Digital Monster").


Guilmon Icon.png 8594.png Growlmon Icon.png 8594.png WarGrowlmon Icon.png 8594.png Gallantmon Icon.png8594.png Gallantmon (Crimson Mode) Icon.png Burst Mode.png Gungnir.png
Guilmon X Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png X-Antibody Factor Guilmon.png 8594.png Growlmon X Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png X-Antibody Factor Growlmon.png 8594.png WarGrowlmon X Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png X-Antibody Factor WarGrowlmon.png 8594.png Gallantmon X Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png X-Antibody Factor Gallantmon.png 8594.png MedievalGallantmon Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png
7820.pngShadowMedievalGallantmon Icon.png X-Antibody Icon.png

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Statistics of a 140% size and level 120 Digimon

Digimon Status.png

DGStats.png Digimon Stats
HP1.png Health Points 5464
DS1.png Digi-Soul 1958
AT1.png Attack 1705
AS1.png Attack Speed 2.2
CT1.png Critical Hit 25.43%
HT1.png Hit Rate 500
DE1.png Defense 149
EV1.png Evade 38.60%


Royal Saber Light Light attribute 4 seconds cooldown 110 DS consumed 2 skill points per upgrade 2.6 seconds animation
  Launches a powerful attack using Graam, the Holy Spear.
Final Elysian Light Light attribute 8 seconds cooldown 219 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade 2.8 seconds animation
Eliminates evil with powerful waves of light from Aegis, the Holy Shield.

Attack Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10 Lv.11 Lv.12 Lv.13 Lv.14 Lv.15 Lv.16 Lv.17 Lv.18 Lv.19 Lv.20 Lv.21 Lv.22 Lv.23 Lv.24 Lv.25
Royal Saber.png Royal Saber 3080 3249 3418 3587 3756 3925 4094 4263 4432 4601 4770 4939 5108 5277 5446 5615 5784 5953 6122 6291 6460 6629 6798 6967 7136
Final Elysian.png Final Elysian 6643 6960 7277 7594 7911 8228 8545 8862 9179 9496 9813 10130 10447 10764 11081 11398 11715 12032 12349 12666 12983 13300 13617 13934 14251