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Patch 1.0.3 - 28th April 2023


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Minervamon X has arrived.
Minervamon X is an SSS Digimon, they are obtainable through the cash shop (Lootbox)

Gaioumon has arrived.
Gaioumon is an SSS Digimon, they can be obtained through the cash shop (Lootbox) or obtainable temporarily during this event.
Gaioumon has been changed to Steel attribute (Good job to Movegames who for some reason set it to secretly have that attribute whilst displaying it as light)

NOTE: Gaioumon appears exclusively on the Dorugamon Line (Dorumon)

Both Digimon will have stats boosted by 10% during the current event (14-28 days).

Bug Fixes/Changes

Removed previous expired event content (EXP Map, Cash Shop items, Mastemon and Examon dungeons.. etc.)
Rotated the 12 Heavenly General quests (April, May, June)
Jumping Event removal (If you had the ticket and have completed the first quest, it's still possible to complete it, but new tamers will no longer be able to access it)

Fixed Zekegreymon quest issue (Item was not dropping from Coredramon, but should now be fixed)
Fixed model error for Lunar-Kaisergreymon


Kaiser's Laboratory Armor Difficulty! [Event]
- Introducing the Kaiser's Laboratory [Armor] Difficulty. 
- Armor Difficulty will include a Battle which consists of Raids BanchouLeomon, Darkdramon, Kimeramon and finally Chaosmon.
- The Map is in effect of the Dark Tower Zone, digimons aside from Armor Digimon will not be usable inside (Magnamon X is available to be used, however they have a small debuff applied)
- A Special Laboratory's MS Attribute which can go up to 12% Movement Speed is available to drop.
- Chaosman has a chance to drop both Evolution Unlock Items related to Chaosmon, as well as a small chance to drop the Magnamon X Factor.
- The gates can be obtained through the daily attendance event.
- This Dungeon is only available during the event period.
- The Digimon Kaiser provides a free random armor evolution item via a Quest.
Gaioumon can be obtained for free by collecting 2000x X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket [Event]* and 8000x Remains of Red Crystal (you can exchange said item in PawnChessmon Black NPC (next to Shinjuku NPC and Phantomon NPC in D-Terminal)).

X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket [Event]* can be obtained by completing daily quests from Agumon X in Verdandi (next to GranDracmon NPC).

Remains of Red Crystal can be obtained by defeating Digimon in the Shinjuku area.

Note: *Previous X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket [Event] will not be valid for this exchange

Gaioumon can also be obtained by purchasing Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Gaioumon X] from the Cash Shop.
With each purchase of Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Gaioumon X], players will obtain a Blessings of Grace [Gaioumon X] which can be exchanged at Digitamamon in DATS Center. 

Previously the event was for LordKnightmon X.

Digimon in Verdandi now drop Mysterious Box [Verdandi].
This can be scanned for various rewards!

Mysterious Box [Verdandi] Drop List

Item Name Quantity
X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket x80
Option Change Stone x2 or x3
Number Change Stone x2 or x3
Random Reinforced Digiclone[S,D] x5
Random Mega Reinforced Digiclone[D~S] x1