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(カオスモン Chaosmon)
Rank: SS+
Unlocked at level: 70
Form: Jogress
Attribute: Vaccine: strong against Virus - weak against Data Vaccine
Elemental Attribute: Pitch Black: is strong against Thunder (× 25) - weak against Light (× -25) - somewhat strong against Pitch Black (× 10) Pitch Black
Attacker Type: Short Attacker
Type: Unique Digimon
Families: Unknown Icon.png Unknown
Virus Busters Icon.png Virus Busters
Jogress Digivolved from: BanchouLeomon +
Can be ridden Yes
Can be hatched No
Available: Yes

Chaosmon is a Unique Digimon. Normally, when a DNA Digivolution occurs, the DigiCores of the two fellow Digimon are completely fused and are reborn as a new Digimon, but Chaosmon retains each of the DigiCores of the Digimon before the DNA Digivolution, and maintains its form in a very incomplete state. Chaosmon is the codename for Digimon who "should not exist," and, according to the "Central Dogma" of the Digital World, are absolute impossible singularities (bugs). Due to its extremely unstable existence, its lifespan is very brief, and it is conjectured that its lifespan was shortened as a result of running the program that eliminates the bugs released by the Digital World's managing system. This Chaosmon is believed to be one that was DNA digivolved from BanchoLeomon and Darkdramon, and the faces of each Digimon are visible on its arms. The "Ban-Tyo Blade" is equipped to its "Bancho Arm", and the "Gigastick Cannon" is equipped to its "Darkdra Arm"

  • You can check its complete quest guide by clicking here Guide:Chaosmon


CommanDramon Icon.png 8594.png SealsDramon Icon.png 8594.png TankDramon Icon.png 8594.png DarkDramon Icon.png 8594.png 7895.png
Chaosmon Icon.png Jog.png
Elecmon Icon.png 8594.png Leomon Icon.png 8594.png Panjyamon Icon.png 8594.png SaberLeomon Icon.png 8594.png BanchouLeomon Icon.png Side Mega.png 8257.png

Default Stats

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Approximate statistics with 140% size and level 120

Digimon Status.png

DGStats.png Digimon Stats Base
HP1.png Health Points 12025 7610
DS1.png Digi-Soul 3887 2660
AT1.png Attack 4199 2806
AS1.png Attack Speed 2.3
CT1.png Critical Hit 24.59% 9.1%
HT1.png Hit Rate 500
DE1.png Defense 326 203
EV1.png Evade 37.1%


Dark Prominence Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 5 seconds cooldown 346 DS consumed 2 skill points per upgrade 2.6 seconds animation
  Uses the Gigastick Cannon to fire off its own digital cells.
Haou Ryoudanken Fire Fire attribute 10 seconds cooldown 692 DS consumed 3 skill points per upgrade 2.8 seconds animation
Uses its BAN-TYO Blade to slice the enemy in half with a single decisive stroke.
End of Paradox Pitch Black Pitch Black attribute 90 seconds cooldown 6225 DS consumed 4 skill points per upgrade 2.6 seconds animation
Puts the BAN-TYO Blade between the jaws of its Darkdra Arm and fires a beam from the two arms.

Attack Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10 Lv.11 Lv.12 Lv.13 Lv.14 Lv.15 Lv.16 Lv.17 Lv.18 Lv.19 Lv.20 Lv.21 Lv.22 Lv.23 Lv.24 Lv.25
Dark Prominence.png Dark Prominence 9627 9866 10105 10344 10583 10822 11061 11300 11539 11778 12017 12256 12495 12734 12973 13212 13451 13690 13929 14168 14407 14646 14885 15124 15363
Haou Ryoudanken.png Haou Ryoudanken 20125 20566 21007 21448 21889 22330 22771 23212 23653 24094 24535 24976 25417 25858 26299 26740 27181 27622 28063 28504 28945 29386 29827 30268 30709
End of Paradox.png End of Paradox 20679 21430 22181 22932 23683 24434 25185 25936 26687 27438 28189 28940 29691 30442 31193 31944 32695 33446 34197 34948 35699 36450 37201 37952 38703

  • The third skill is an linear area of effect hitting every enemy vertical to the target.



  • Very high HP (almost comparable to a low-tier SSS Digimon).
  • High Attack
  • High skill damage (F1 and F2 are among the highest damage of SS+).
  • Relatively high critical chance.
  • Quick skill animation.


  • Not being light element limits his usefulness (as there are very few Thunder-element enemies in the game).
  • Relatively slow cooldown on all three skills.
  • F3 consumes 4 skill points (only able to reach level 20 if you put every point on this skill).